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Singapore REITs vs Dividends: How to Invest for Rising Interest Rates

For investors seeking dividend returns, making the choice between real estate investment trusts (REITs) and stocks is a challenging decision. Gaining insight into the distinctions between REITs and dividend stocks can assist investors in identifying the asset class that aligns more closely with their investment objectives.

Is it a good time to start investing in REITs and dividend stocks in the current rising rate environment? Which should you choose for better dividend returns?

Join us for an online session as we go through the best way to build a high-yield portfolio, led by Ritesh Ganeriwal, Syfe’s Head of Investment Advisory, joined by our distinguished guest, Geoff Howie, SGX’s Market Strategist, and Gerald Wong, Beansprout’s Founder and CEO.

Key Topics

  • Outlook on interest rates
  • Impact on yield asset classes
  • Is now a good time to relook at S-REITs?
  • REITs vs Dividend Stocks: which should you prioritise?
  • Q&A

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